“This he had proposed in secret to himself, that if he labored without ceasing, without tiring, he might produce something which would at all events be art, which would stand wholly apart from the objects shaped like books, printed with printers’ ink, and called by the name of books that he had read.”
—A. Machen, The Hill of Dreams

Founded in 2019, l’lart pour l’art is the uncompromised literary mission of Tempest & Gayle. Erudites are invited to partake, here at the farthest shore from mass-market constraints.

« Cet été les roses sont bleues; le bois c’est du verre. La terre drapée dans sa verdure me fait aussi peu d’effet qu’un revenant. C’est vivre et cesser de vivre qui sont des solutions imaginaires. L’existence est ailleurs. »
—A. Breton, Manifestes du Surréalisme

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