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Never Human interrogates the American Dream of the trampled, in cost and consequence. An exigent self-critique of the colonialistic American novel by the American novel, Serret confronts indigenous and immigrant anomie, the coloniality of voice, and the effacement of identity within the post–Cold War milieu.
“A powerful study in psyche and art.”
—D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

Grendel Wept leaps forth from a literary tradition started by the surreal Hermeticsim of Poe and Machen; the ill-starred Gothic of Byron, the Shelleys; and the twilit fin de siècle of Wilde and Maldoror. It is the struggle of Man and the cosmic Other, juxtaposed with Man’s struggle against himself, first spelled out in the earliest oral myths of Titanian cosmology, now given novel form.
C. P. Serret presents a roman noir of an individual struggle with alienation, anomie, and authenticity; of cybercrime gone wrong and a roller-coaster crash with the rich kids of Instagram—an off-the-rails carnivalised plunge “ablaze with espionage, sinister lies, syndicates, and traumatic upheavals” (Willow Greymoor, San Francisco Book Review).

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